How to know the financial health of your company?

To understand today’s idea, we will first need to understand what assets and liabilities mean in accounting.

Assets are anything valuable the company owns. Like cash, receivables, and inventory.

Liabilities are the loans the company has and owes to others. Like credit card balances, lines of credit, and loans to repay.

A smart way to increase your cash flow

Much of the cash of a business is tied to inventory. Make sure you keep track of how long it takes you to turn over your inventory. Meaning, how many days does it take you to sell your inventory? Or another way to think is how often you purchase your inventory.

How to make a 25% profit margin on Amazon

This week we will talk about Profit Margins for amazon sellers! We will cover what is a good profit margin and why, we will also share with you how you can have a 25% gross profit margin.

Businesses are seeing their sales decrease. What can you do?

The economy is changing.
Customers are spending less money these days and businesses are seeing their sales decline.
What can you do to stay healthy even if sales are down?
Here are 5 steps to improve your cashflow so you can continue to grow.

What to do with excess inventory?

What to do with excess inventory?

Our client had a problem.

He had ordered too much of a product that had unexpectedly stopped selling, mainly because of competition and he was stuck with a ton of stock.

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